Exponent free online though crisis


By Matt Schepeler
Exponent Publisher

Beginning March 24, The Exponent will be available free online, so people who are isolated will have access to local information. It is our attempt to bring our community together at a time when many might feel they are “in it alone.”

We assure you, you are not alone.

We will also be putting some stories out on our Facebook page, with links to our website so people beyond our current reach can know what is available.

Of course, we don’t know what the paper will look like, how everything will come together, or how long we can keep going without ad revenue. The coming weeks will be an adventure for all of us, for sure.

We hope that people who access the free paper online consider subscribing to support local journalism. However, our hope is not only for our business to survive, but to bring as many people with us as possible. Check out our advertisers, and make it a point to utilize their businesses as well. If you cannot do it right now, make the effort after this crisis has passed.

This week we have included a restaurant guide in B Section. If you get hungry, why not get some takeout? The guide helps explain how restaurants are getting food to the public, whether by curbside service, walk in, or delivery, as well as payment methods and the numbers to call. It should be noted that this list is changing rapidly as restaurants adjust, so please give them a call to make sure their status hasn’t changed. 

We are also hoping that people share with us their stories in the coming weeks by sending us news tips and photos for a feature we are calling ‘Focus on something different.’ Hopefully this will give residents something good to ponder in the coming weeks. Photos can be sent to

We may use the photos in the paper, so please include a little information about the photo, including the names of anyone in the picture and the name and contact number of the photographer.

To read the paper online, go to, click on “online access,” enter the word Exponent in the username box and Freepaper! (case sensitive) in the password box. The paper is available in sections, so it loads faster. Visitors will also be able to look over past editions.

We hope that the paper helps residents stay informed and entertained in the coming weeks, without having to leave the house.

Thanks, and stay safe.

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