Reported: Two Brooklyn postal workers test postive for COVID-19


Two Brooklyn postal employees are suspected of having contracted COVID-19, according to two separate sources who have asked to remain anonymous.

“In my eyes, it [the branch office] should be shut down and thoroughly cleaned,” said one of the individuals.

The other source asks residents to be especially careful when handling their mail.

“The Brooklyn post office has two confirmed coronavirus tests with one being ventilated,” the informant said. “The two workers are not working, but everyone else has still been working, including those who have interacted with the [sick individuals].”

“The people need to know so they can be wary and cautious.”

Brooklyn postal officials declined to comment, but said the branch is fully operational and conducting business.

The Exponent reached out to USPS Communications Spokesperson for the Detroit District Elizabeth Najduch for comment. Najduch did not comment on the Brooklyn situation specifically, but responded in an email that there is no evidence COVID-19 is spread through the mail.

“Importantly, the CDC the World Health Organization as well as the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail,” said Najduch.

Exponent legal counsel Joseph Ricotte said he is not aware of anything that would require the post office to shut down over suspected exposure.

Residents are reminded to exercise caution when visiting any establishment, whether the post office or local stores. Health officials note that self isolation, washing hands with warm soapy water frequently and not touching your face is the best way to prevent acquiring the coronavirus.

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