All-Conference Teams Named at Football Crossover Final


Brenden Helfrich, Joey Hamlin, Bart Laretz and Dallas Smith. Standing are Holden Van Poppel, Ben Baker, Max Gamez, Mikey Humphries and Trent Jester.


Football fans had a chance to meet the all-conference teams from the Big Eight and Cascades Conferences Saturday. All-conference players were announced at halftime of the Union City/Napoleon Crossover Championship football game on Saturday. Here is the list of all-conference performers in the Big Eight and Cascades Conferences as voted on by their respective coaches.

Grass Lake All-Conference players include Jack Pine, Jack Reid, William Higgins, Andrew Stockton, Josh Claussen and Robert Anderson.


Quarterbacks, First Team: Adrian Putnam, Michigan Center

Honorable Mention: Brayden Lape, Grass Lake; Kannon Duffing, Manchester; and Grant Bradley, Napoleon.

Running Backs, First Team: Spencer Brown, Addison; Andrew Stockton, Grass Lake; Kyran Lane, Michigan Center; and Bart Laretz, Napoleon.

Honorable Mention: Caleb Weaver, East Jackson.

Receivers, First Team: Landon Roberts, East Jackson; Robbie Anderson, Grass Lake; and Jaxon McGuigan, Manchester.

Honorable Mention: Lukas Howard, Michigan Center.

Tight Ends, First Team: Trent Jester, Napoleon

Honorable Mention: Gunnar Demeuse, Addison

Offensive Tackles, First Team: Michael Humphreys, Napoleon.

Honorable Mention: Cameron Miller, Addison

Offensive Guards, First Team: Dallas Smith, Napoleon; and Gabe Pepper, Addison.

Centers, First Team: Josh Claussen, Grass Lake.

Honorable Mention: Max Gamez, Napoleon.

Kicker, First Team: Nick Laurain, Manchester.

Addison Panthers named to the Cascades All-Conference team include Jay Griewahn, Nathan Sines, Spencer Brown and Gabe Pepper.


Defensive Line, First Team: Nathan Sines, Addison; Caleb Kerley, East Jackson; Braelon Carr, Grass Lake; Willie Higgins, Grass Lake; Nathan Smith, Hanover-Horton; Max Gamez, Napoleon; and Ben Baker, Napoleon.

Linebackers, First Team: Jay Griewahn, Addison; Jack Reid, Grass Lake; Craig Foote, Hanover-Horton; Brody Shannon, Michigan Center; and Joey Hamlin, Napoleon.

Honorable Mention: Trent Jester, Napoleon.

Defensive Backs, First Team: Jack Pine, Grass Lake; Logan Blackledge, Hanover-Horton; Kyran Lane, Michigan Center; Brendan Helfrich, Napoleon; and Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon.

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Peterson, Grass Lake.

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