Great gift ideas for the fisherman


Our expert fisherman, Jesse Hirsch, helps you find the right gift for those anglers on your list this year.

Fishing with Jesse Hirsch 

As we near the holidays, it’s always a wise idea to keep an angler in mind. The cost of fishing is more expensive than people think, and it’s always nice to receive a gift pertaining to your passion. With the demands of the sport, it’s tough to keep up with all the necessities needed for a good day on the water. With so much equipment coming onto the market, from rain gear to fishing rods, it can be a complicated shopping experience.

So what do you get the fisherman in your life this Christmas? This is a very open-ended question. What does your angler fish for? What tackle does the fisherman prefer? Does your outdoorsman have a watercraft? Let’s discuss some great gifts for fishermen, and the best places to find them this holiday season. (more below)

With gift-giving season approaching, knowing what your angler fishes for, and how they fish are a great step. Some anglers fish for anything that swims, with any equipment. Some people, like myself, have a preferred species, like bass or bluegill, and a specific set of tackle that is used. Lures specific to those preferred fish are a must! If you aren’t able to be informed about this preference, you may want to look at items that are universal and used often by anglers. Some of those items make great stocking stuffers.

For example,  a good pair of fishing pliers or scissors. Maybe a fish scale or measuring tool may be a good gift, especially for those who tell funny fishing stories! For the more serious competitive angler, a good all-weather fishing suit, or a pair of polarized fishing glasses is a great idea. A good fishing rod and reel is always helpful, even if your fisherman has plenty already. One who casts a line can never have enough tools for the trade. (more below)

The next step is to find where to purchase your fisherman’s gift. Only certain sporting goods stores have a wide selection of fishing items in stock and ready to go, and experienced staff. Always do research on what store has the best fishing inventory. With discounts and sales, keep in mind some deals that may hook you, your angler, and their fish! Some stores have great deals on fishing apparel – like buy one get one on certain fishing items. While big-box stores may have the deals you want during the holidays, don’t overlook your local sporting goods store or tackle shop. Some even run ideal sales towards Christmas time. Now, find some fish wrapping paper, and turn your angler’s Christmas into Fishmas!


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