Get your masks back out: Lenawee mandates masks in county buildings


Anyone entering a Lenawee County building, whether they are vaccinated for COVID-19 or not, must wear a mask, say officials.

“In light of the spread of the Delta variant of COVID 19, including transmission to individuals who are fully vaccinated, guidance from the CDC recommends that in areas of substantial spread of the virus people should wear masks in indoor public spaces.,” said officials in a press release. “For the protection of employees, customers, and the overall community, we are reactivating certain elements of the preparedness and response plan to require all individuals, employees and customers, vaccinated and non-vaccinated, to wear face coverings to enter county buildings and in all common areas within county buildings.  This change in requirement will become effective Monday, August 9.”

The notification carried an attachment from the Lenawee County Health Department stating that COVID-19 transmission level is at “Substantial” and that the Delta variant has been identified in Lenawee County.

“With the transmission level now at “Substantial”, the Lenawee County Health Department recommends masking in indoor public places regardless of vaccination status,” says the release.

The department also “strongly encourages businesses to implement face mask wearing for all individuals – fully vaccinated and unvaccinated – while indoors in public.”

The department also encourages businesses to “use a layered protection strategy to protect employees and customers. This will allow all Lenawee County residents the best chance to remain healthy and physically present at work. Layered prevention strategies should include the following risk mitigation measures:

The mission of the Lenawee County Health Department is to promote a safe and healthy environment.

 Receive the COVID‐19 vaccine, if eligible

 Wear your face mask while indoors

 Wash your hands frequently

 Maintain a distance of six feet from others

 Enhance ventilation within buildings

 Stay home when sick and get tested for COVID‐19

 Adhere to isolation if you test positive for COVID‐19 or quarantine if considered a close contact.

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