Making Grass Lake’s Stoker Field Beautiful – Again


Above, Eagle Scout candidate, Samantha Kohls, managing the project to refurbish the ticket booth at Grass Lake’s Stoker Field

By Mike Coughlin

   On Thursday, August 6, a small army of workers descended on Stoker Field in Grass Lake to refurbish the ticket booth that had fallen into disrepair over the years. Led by Eagle Scout candidate, Samantha Kohls, this army of local volunteers and scouts worked for the next two days to complete their mission.

   Samantha,18, just graduated from Grass Lake High School. She is on her way to Northern Michigan University this fall to pursue her degree in Athletic Training but not before she completes her service project for her Eagle Scout Badge from Troop 4312 in Jackson. The plan was to remove and replace the old existing roof, repaint the building and decorate it with a new blue and yellow Grass Lake logo.

   “My brother actually started in Cub Scouts and I loved all the activities and camping he was able to do,” Samantha says. “ I joined Venturing when girls were just starting in scouting. I wanted to be one of the first girls to lead the path for other girls that may be scared to join something that boys normally do.”

The refurbished Stoker Field Ticket Booth. Photo by Samantha Kohls

   Total project costs to remove and replace the roof, apply a fresh coat of paint, and add the Grass Lake logos ran about $1,000. Samantha raised $1,400 mainly through a can and bottle drive. The balance of the funds is being donated to Grass Lake High School.

   “It took many hours to collect and return so many pop caps and bottles,” Samantha says.” And some of the cans were really dirty and buggy. It was a lot of work.”

   One of the workers that day was Samantha’s dad, Michael Kohls, from Grass Lake.

   “I’m really proud of her accomplishment.” Michael relates. “She’s always been a girl that, when she puts her mind to do something, she does it. I’ve always encouraged her that if there is anything she wants to try, try it. But once you try it, see it through to completion.”


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