A parade for Rosella, our senator sings


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Rosella Hall Grevois, shown above, of Onsted, is celebrating her 98th birthday this Sunday, and her family wanted to get together to have a party.

The problem is, they can’t, not with stay-at-home orders still in place across the state.

But her family is not easily dissuaded. “She is turning 98,” said her daughter-in-law, Marty Hall. “We need to be able to celebrate her while we can.”

It should be noted that Rosella’s family tree is fully branched out. All told she had seven children. Those children had children of their own, who in turn had children of their own. “We figure there are at least 115 people descending from Rose,” said Marty, adding there may even be more, as there is family in Florida with whom they have lost touch.

So what do so many people do to celebrate the family matriarch when they can’t get together? There are enough Halls in the world to have a pretty good parade, someone noted.

So that is what they are doing. This Sunday, Easter, as it happens to be, at 1 p.m. they will be gathering in downtown Onsted – in their vehicles, at a socially acceptable distance, and they are going to parade in their vehicles past Rosella, who lives on Fourth St. in the village. Hopefully the weather is nice, and she can enjoy watching her people drive past while sitting outside.

Rosella probably feels like she has seen it all in her lifetime. When she was born, Warren G. Harding was president, prohibition was still in its infancy and construction on Yankee stadium was just beginning. Her eyes have seen unfathomable change in her lifetime.

But we bet that there are few things she will cherish more than seeing her children, and their children, parade past, honking and waving, this Sunday.

How are you handling the school shutdown?

Exponent/ writer Christine MacIntyre reached out to area teachers, students, and parents to document their reactions to the abrupt ending of the school year. We will be featuring some of their reactions The Evening Snapshot in the coming days.

Sara Daniels, mom of six students in Addison Community Schools and employee at Addison High School

“I feel people are not taking this serious enough. I know it is in our best interests that we stay home – safe and healthy. We will have lots of memories and time spent together.” Daniels says she is embracing this time with her children, utilizing the opportunity to teach her kids outside of the classroom – cooking, gardening, practicing acts of kindness, and more.

Our man in Lansing sings

We thought our readers would enjoy the video below of Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey giving the invocation before yesterday’s (April 7) senate session. We sure did. Sen. Shirkey, of Clarklake (Liberty Township) is a multi-talented guy.

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