Help available for seniors; Wild hog disobeys Governor’s orders


Above: Downtown Brooklyn looked like a ghost town Tuesday afternoon, but behind the scenes people are watching out for their neighbors.

Evening Snapshot

Reaching out to the homebound 

One issue that has public officials concerned during the COVID-19 crisis is there are so many people – right here in the Brooklyn-Irish Hills area – who are isolated. They might even be living right next door to you.

These people must make their way through an avalanche of information on their own, trying to decipher what is true and what is not true. Some very likely will have a difficult time meeting basic needs as the crisis continues.

This can be especially true for seniors, but help is as close as a phone call away. Region 2 Area Agency on Aging is now offering telephone support for homebound, older adults in the community.

“Someone can call us just to have someone to talk to, or to have someone drop off some milk, eggs or bread,” said Julie Wetherby, CEO of Region 2 Area Agency on Aging in Brooklyn. The agency services all of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale counties.

Wetherby said that they had planned on unveiling the call program later in the year, but expedited it due to the crisis.

“People are afraid to go out, and they should be, but we can help,” said Wetherby.

The program is tailored to each person’s individual needs. “We can set it up so we call once a week, so they know someone is going to call on them, or they can just call us once. It is entirely up to them,” said Wetherby.

To learn more, call the Region 2 Area Agency on Aging (517) 592-1974 and mention the Friendly Reassurance Program.

It could be a lifesaver or, at the very least, a comfort for people.

Brooklyn veterinarian remains hospitalized

Dr. Michelle Engel remains hospitalized after suffering a serious car accident last week, but the Columbia Animal Clinic is open. To get an update on “our favorite vet”, check out the story on this week’s Exponent. The paper is free to the public during the COVID-19 crisis, as a way for residents to keep in touch with the community. Visit The Exponent website, click online access and type in “Exponent” in the user name box and Freepaper! in the password box. It is case sensitive, and don’t forget the exclamation point.

Hog spotted traipsing through Brooklyn









Gary Bondy walked out of his shop last week to find this porker in his back yard. “I guess she didn’t get the ‘stay at home’ memo from the governor,” he joked. “Pretty shocking to see, right in the village!” It looks like perhaps a pot bellied pig that escaped or was let loose.
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