How healthy is your drinking water?


Daniel Sandoval  is owner and operator of Sandoval Kitchen Supply and Polar Vortex Refrigeration. He has over 30 years of experience as a representative of refrigeration manufacturers.

By Daniel Sandoval


The recent water crisis in Flint was too close to home for many of us living in the Irish Hills. Since then, we have all thought twice about the quality of tap water we draw from our kitchen. There is a new solution for this life changing situation.

ScaleX Pro Water is a 21st century water filtration green technology that is now available in the United States. The ScaleX Pro Water filtration system simply allows water to be water. Nothing is added, like phosphates or ion exchange, or removed. Most filters are rated 10 grains of hardness, meaning it will not last at the full capacity due to the water hardness. Let’s say your water has 18 grains of hardness. BE AWARE:  a filter rated for 1,500 – gallon capacity will likely only have a capacity somewhere in the range of 800 – 1,000 due to the 18 grains of hardness in your water.

Regardless of whose filter you use, you should, at a minimum, test the water hardness. Hardness kits can be purchased online for $30 – $40, which will test between 15 – 30 locations depending how much solution is used.

ScaleX Pro Water filtration utilizes Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) technology. NAC works effectively on temperatures up to 189 degrees, which is great for coffee brewers and espresso machines. It works great on ice machines too. There is no need to acid wash anymore! We’ve heard many of times the water just tastes better.

Seeing is believing! Want to learn more? Contact Dan Sandoval at 517-262-6910 or email to and ask about getting a test filter and seeing for yourself.

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