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By Christine MacIntyre
Staff Writer

Jennifer Carson’s big imagination lends itself to several artistic endeavors for the young and young at heart. As a published author, pattern maker, doll maker, and overall creative individual, she shares her vision through stories, whimsical character and animal illustrations, sewing and crafting patterns.

Whether through art or stories, her magical creations successfully convey the thought that we can find magic in ordinary things and the most common situations. She says, “I want to remind adults of the magic we never questioned when we were children, and I want to help children understand how important it is to hold onto that magic for the rest of their lives.”

Carson was raised in Manchester from the age of ten and married her high school sweetheart. She has four sons, currently ages 19 to 26. The Carsons lived in New Hampshire for 12 years but moved back home to Michigan in 2017.

She stayed home with her children until the youngest was ten while writing and honing her art skills. She has worked as a children’s librarian, a library director, a substitute at school, and a secretary. She was a deputy town clerk for a few years and worked as an editor for a medium-sized publishing house. She is currently the editorial manager for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal.


Carson designed and wrote sewing patterns for women who worked at the Door Mill Store in Guild, New Hampshire, after they begged her to make patterns of the dragons, she made from the wool she purchased there. She has been publishing her sewing patterns since 2006.

She has been writing children’s books since 2001 but wasn’t published traditionally until 2009. “I write stories for the young and young at heart. Most of them are playful and funny.” Carson’s young adult book, Dragon Song, employs a little darker storyline while still including humor. While she doesn’t intentionally set out to write books with a particular message, her books often end up including themes of family and community, as well as following your unique path.

Her latest book, Dragons Don’t Dance Ballet, is receiving widespread praise and was recently the Kid Lit Pick of the Week on a news station based in Louisiana. “I really just wanted to write a funny book about a dragon and her corps de ballet audition trials, but it turned into a book that has so many lessons within its 600 words,” says Carson.

Carson’s newest book Dragons Don’t Dance Ballet is receiving rave reviews!

She daily engages in painting and drawing as she reaches for licensing opportunities and opportunities to get her art into the world – onto products and into stores. “I’m always looking for opportunities to use my skills, but I’m really shooting for those licensing deals with my art,” says Carson.

Carson also does freelance work, helping authors layout their books for printing, editing books, and designing logos and Christmas/Thank You cards for local businesses. For example, she recently designed and illustrated the “mascot” for the Chelsea District Library.


She’s always been interested in reading, drawing, painting, and telling herself stories; now, Carson carries out her childhood dreams and makes them a reality. National and international magazines, including Stitch, Quilting Arts Magazine, Faerie Magazine, Soft Dolls and Animals, Teddy Bear and Friends, and Dolls United, have featured her work.

To find out about the other imaginative creations Carson has produced, visit her websites and

“Whether I’m telling a story through words, creating an image, or making a doll, a day without creativity, without story, is just a day to get through. But a day when I get to spend my time creating, or talking about creating, or helping someone else create – that is a great day.”

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