Sunday Evening Snapshot


Brooklyn-area hoarder caught on camera, shamed by neighbor

Okay, we are kidding, but you don’t see groundhogs in trees eating bird seed while a black squirrel waits his turn at the trough very often. When you do, it is because Clarklake photographer Deb Sautter caught it on camera.

The picture reminds us of some of our neighbors whose bathrooms are full of toilet paper, whose pantries are stuffed with potato chips and pork rinds, and whose sink cabinets have enough disinfectant hand soap to sterilize the Empire State Building.

Some folks are naturally inclined to be, well, a bit hoggish in times of crisis.

The good news is that there is still enough food for everyone.

We might have to eat our hot dogs on plain bread for a while, or suffer through off-brand green beans, but supply and demand will again come into balance.


Fret not.

Be the squirrel.

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