Would you drink this water?


Diane Reichel, above, holds a glass of fresh tap water from her kitchen in Addison.

By Matt Schepeler

Water barely trickles from the shower head when Addison resident Diane Reichel turns on her shower.

“The pressure is bad because the filters are always getting clogged up because the water is so filthy,” said Reichel, a single woman who lives in her mobile home with her dog.

“Twice I have paid somebody $300 to come out and take the filters off the washer, the showers, the kitchen and clean them out. Then they just go down again,” said Reichel in a story that appears in this Week’s Brooklyn Exponent.

To give readers a feel of what Reichel is dealing with, we are pointing them to the video below, which shows Reichel running water in her kitchen sink.

“I have been fighting the village for approximately nine months on this,” said Reichel, whose mobile home is parked on a hill not far from the school.

“Here I am in stage four liver failure. I am lucky if I can get up and make it down the hill to my truck. I can’t haul water jugs up and down the steps. I can’t haul laundry up and down the steps. I am bagging my stuff up to go to somebody else’s house just to shower,” said Reichel.

Not everyone in the village agrees that the water is poor, and officials note that it meets water quality tests.

Learn more in this week’s paper. They are available here.


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