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Above: Cheyenne Curts of Manchester is waiting for her service dog, Mystique, shown at right. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt at bringing the two together. Photo of Mystique courtesy Above the Clouds Siberian Dogs.

By Deb Sautter
Exponent/ Pet Page writer

My dear friend Linda Reeves recently shared with me the needs of a young lady from the Manchester, Michigan area. Since then, I have been in contact with Cheyenne Curts and learned the following about her and Mystique, her future service dog.

“Mystique is a nine-month-old purebred Siberian husky who was bred, tested for service work, and matched with me,” began Cheyenne. “She was found through Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs in Woodland Park, Colorado. She has recently passed her canine good citizen classes and will be going on to urban training courses to get more “paws on” experience in public places. Mystique is currently in training to help me with my multiple disabilities. I am legally blind, I have a medical condition that causes me to pass out, I battle with chronic pain, anxiety, and complex PTSD. I also need to alternate between a walker and wheelchair,” explains Cheyenne.

“Mystique will be able to assist me up and down stairs at my pace, press handicap entry buttons for me, and pick up, carry, and retrieve items by name to bring to me,” Cheyenne continues. “She will also be able to alert me when I am about to pass out, to help give me enough time to get to a safe space. She will then perform revival tactics and if those are not successful in waking me, she will alert others that I need help by pressing a medical alert device that sends out a GPS signal and calls an ICE contact.”

Cheyenne’s friends and family have been fundraising since last September and are halfway to their goal. Unfortunately, all of the planned fundraisers have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently her Go-Fund-Me account remains up and accessible. If you’d like to contribute to this incredible cause, please visit

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