Columbia Central athlete tests positive for COVID-19


Above: The blocking sleds on the Columbia Central High School practice fields are not going anywhere, as all practices have been canceled due to a case of COVID-19.

Officials working on school reopening plan, waiting for health department

A Columbia Central High School athlete has tested positive for COVID-19, say school officials. As a result, all athletic practices have been suspended until health department officials give the go-ahead to continue.

“We are trying to do everything right,” said Columbia School District Superintendent Pam Campbell. “Our message is, if you feel you have been exposed, please, get tested,” she said. “Our first priority is to keep our community safe.”

It must be a challenging time to be a school administrator. Campbell said that school officials are working on the plan to reopen, which they in a few weeks.  The conducted a survey recently that indicates around 78 percent of district students would likely return to class when they reopen, while the estimated 22 percent would be more comfortable with distance learning online.

She said they will be doing another survey follow up soon to sharpen the numbers in order to have the right amount of staff in place.

Campbell said that that she has heard no negative complaints from staff about returning to class.

“We have a great community,” said the superintendent.

Last week’s graduation ceremony was a big success, she noted, and they will be holding similar ceremonies for Kindergarten graduation as well as Options High School graduation on August 10. “We got a stage from the Jackson County Fair, and it worked out well. People could sit in their air conditioned cars and see,” she said.

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