Evening snapshot slows down


Clarklake residents defy social distancing orders

Much to local government official’s chagrin, some Clarklakers continue to gather while completely disregarding social distancing orders, as this photo by resident Deb Sautter attests.

It was also been reported that birds continue flocking, and frogs, well, are doing what frogs do this time of year.

Nature, it seems, will be nature.

If you have been uneasy or experiencing exceptional highs and lows from not being allowed to congregate like turtles and hop around like frogs, don’t sweat it. We are all going through it. We are social creatures, and are doing something that is not normal for us. It is only natural to be a little on edge. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t.

So then, look at the turtles, who are still doing turtle things. They don’t seem to think the world is ending. Judging from the peeps, frogs are also procreating at a fairly frantic pace, apparently in the belief that the future is bright for coming generations of amphibians.

Hang in there. Enjoy the slow time while you can.

Things will speed up soon enough.

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