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Family, goals spur on Courtney Flaws


Above: Courtney Flaws is Knutson’s Student Athlete of the Week

By Eli McKown
Sports Writer

Many student athletes are great students, but perhaps none succeed in the classroom and the track more than the Addison Panthers Junior track star Courtney Flaws. Flaws participates in volleyball, basketball, and track for the Addison Panthers. For track, she competes in the 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, the 4×200 relay, and the 4×400 relay.

It was evident after one race that she is a phenomenal sprinter and athlete. Her personal record in the 400 meter dash is a 1:05.

In addition to participating in three sports, Courtney is in the National Honor Society and carries over a 4.0 grade point average. Obviously, this has taken some hard work over the years and it is quite impressive, but to her coach Katrina Santiago, this is not even the quality that stands out to her the most.

“We call her the mom of the team. She is always making sure the girls are doing what they need to do and she always motivates them.”

Flaws backed up her Coaches claim by speaking on how she motivates her fellow teammates.

“I am really encouraging to my teammates and any time I am not running, I am out cheering on my teammates.”

Prior to the East Jackson Dome invite track meet, there were rumors flying about a possible cancellation of the meet due to thunderstorms. Obviously this can be a huge distraction for teams, and as a result affect the results of the track meet. This was no problem for Flaws.

“We are just keeping regionals in mind. We want to get to team states, and we cannot do that if we do not stay focused on each meet.” says Flaws.

While Flaws and her team are focused on getting to MITCA Team States, the young Panther has goals of her own and that is to qualify for the individual state meet for her third time.

“We call her the mom of the team. She is always making sure the girls are doing what they need to do and always motivates them.”

Katrina Santiago, Addison Head track Coach

“Our 4×400 relay and 4×200 relay have a great chance to get back to the individual state meet. For my senior year, I want to make it to individual states as well to be a four year all-state track athlete.”

These are high aspirations, but definitely possible, as her relay team has already surpassed the time needed to qualify for individual states this season. That’s an incredible accomplishment for so early in the season.

Courtney’s biggest influence in her life is her family.

“My family is definitely the biggest supporter I have. I have a lot of strong family members that encourage me every day.”

As noted, Courtney is a phenomenal student, and is undecided on where she might attend college after high school. Although, she does have an idea of what she may pursue for a career.

“While I am not one hundred percent sure on what I will study, I think I might want to be a teacher.”

After watching one meet, it is clear this Panthers squad is ready to step into the spotlight and take over. Led by their “Mom” in Courtney Flaws, they are poised for a fantastic year!

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