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In Grass Lake Charter Township, the only contested race is for trustee, where there are five candidates for four positions. Out of those five, three did not submit profiles. Those three are Tina M. Bednarski-Lynch, Thomas Brennan, and Barry E. Butterfield. The other offices with uncontested races are:

Supervisor – John Lesinski (R)

Clerk – Catherine Zenz (R)

Treasurer – Thomas Loveland (R)


Candidate: Andrew G. Wrenbeck

Andrew G. Wrenbeck

Hometown: Grass Lake

Describe your qualifications and experience for this office.

I have political experience in Grass Lake serving as a delegate for the Republican Party. I am not a politician. I am a person that loves my community who wants to serve his neighbors. Thinking outside of the box and contributing to finding solutions, opposed to waiting for someone to do the heavy lifting has been the reason for success in my career. I look across the current board with inaction or very slow action on just about every item and it has become disappointing. We need change!

Explain your reasons for running. How would you be an asset to your local unit of government?

Believe it or not, COVID has improved access to board meetings for residents through Zoom. Why can’t we use technology so people can perpetually listen to or watch board meetings? When at home, or even can listen in the car? This isn’t rocket science, and the more people that participate, the better government will be! I have a degree in Information Technology and over 35 years experience in running businesses. I am not afraid to suggest a solution. I will show up to the board meetings prepared and informed on what the discussions and voting topics will be and I feel fiscal responsibility is paramount. It is amazing how far applying a little extra energy to a problem can take us

There is a very real problem on the horizon for a significant portion of the population facing potential on-line school and work. This would be almost impossible in many households in town because there has been virtually no support from the board in making the internet work for the entire population. Many towns are preparing for an ultra-fast fiber future, while many in Grass Lake don’t even have access to 20-years ago broadband of the past!

We need to have a plan. At this point a bad plan would be an upgrade, but we can do better. A networking master plan, and upgrades to our thought processes on how internet access works is the answer. We aren’t flying blind; literally thousands of communities across the country have figured it out. We can as well, without spending millions!

Due to our current circumstances what are the most important challenges facing your community and how do you propose to address them?

We need to navigate out of COVID with our favorite places to shop, eat and work intact. We must make sure that the township is not adding any unnecessary burden to running a business in town.

I sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future. We are showing ourselves what we can do when bad times show up at the door. I know people who are facing tough times right now, and plowing through it with the help of our friends and neighbors. I love this town’s charity and ambition. It is serving us well in hard times and will continue to do so.

I know many of my neighbors and I have had to adjust and re-align finances, but I see familiar faces locally as we are all doing our part to keep the family businesses in this town going.

Tell us about your family.

As a child my family vacationed in Grass Lake in the summer. I still have a scar from a bicycle accident that happened in Greenwood Acres while camping back in the 70s. After having some business success, I was able to move out to this area and I have called Grass Lake home for 15 years. I love Grass Lake, the people, the parades, the community and the freedoms it provides.

My children have both had their entire educational experience in the amazing school district here in Grass Lake. I cannot say enough good things about how well we have been treated, and how the schools are another piece of the amazing town we live in.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?

I am an avid cyclist, mountain biking (even night riding) and road biking. I also off road 4X4 trail adventures and some beginner level woodworking.


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Candidate: Scott Bray

Scott Bray

Hometown: Grass Lake

Describe your qualifications and experience for this office.   

I have been a trustee for most of the past 12 years. I have helped as we expanded our parks, introduced cost saving technology, implemented social media and promoted transparency within the township. I work well with the rest of the board. I currently also serve on the Recreation Board for the township. My business experience lends a different perspective to the township board as well.

Explain your reasons for running. How would you be an asset to your local unit of government?   

I want to be involved in the community. I want to make sure we are serving the people and doing our best with the tax dollars we are entrusted with. I think that I still have a lot to offer the community. I have traveled throughout the U.S. which has given me ideas and perspective of what other communities are doing and how we can apply best practices here.

Due to our current circumstances, what are the most important challenges facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?   

Roads and taxes. The township gets a very small amount of its revenue from taxes, just .7 mils goes to the township, not including the fire department. The rest all comes from the state revenue sharing. Those revenues will likely decrease some this budget year, but will be more significant next year based on forecasts. We are continually asked to do more with less tax revenues. We really need more business and industry growth, especially along the I-94 corridor like the Henry Ford facility to help with tax revenues.

The roads. Almost every local road in Grass Lake is deemed poor. The county has no revenues to rebuild the roads. Unfortunately it looks like the only option for better roads within the township is a millage. The township is putting a millage on the November election for 4.1 mills. That means a property owner with a taxable value of $100,000 would pay $410 a year. Taxable value is different from assessed value, no more than 50 percent of the assessed value. I am tired of new taxes as well, however neither the state nor the county will provide the monies needed and the roads are just too bad.

Tell us about your family.

I am married to my wonderful wife Karla. I have three boys, all graduates of Grass Lake High School. My oldest, Andrew, lives in Idaho with his wife and my three amazing grandkids. My middle son, Aaron, and his fiancée just gave birth in September to a beautiful girl for grandchild number four, so we are really excited to have a grandchild that lives in the same state. My youngest, Jacob, is finishing his last semester at Eastern Michigan University this fall. I love living in Grass Lake. We attended the 4th of July parade and it was just another great reason to call Grass Lake home.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?

I enjoy youth soccer. I have been involved in it for the past 25 years, even after my kids finished the programs. I run the local American Youth Soccer Organization here in Grass Lake where we have over 250 kids ages 3-13 playing. I also enjoy photography when I have the time.


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