Hometown Pizza reopens, Help wanted in Brooklyn


Brian Kilgore, shown above, has owned Hometown Pizza for so long he has quit counting the years. “More than 30,” he said when asked how long he has been making pizza for Brooklyn.

When asked if he has ever tried to figure out how many pizzas they have made in the store over that time, he said “No. It would be interesting to know, though,” with a smile.

Be sure, Hometown Pizza has made a lot of pizzas over the years, as well as subs, calzones, bread sticks and salads.

So when Kilgore closed Hometown Pizza when the governor ordered Michigan residents to stay at home, many Brooklyn residents worried.

“What are we going to eat?” With Subway and other area restaurants closing, choices were getting slim.

Austin Kilgore, left, and Nick Wells of Hometown Pizza toss pizza dough. Tossing the dough not only looks impressive, experts say it helps make a better pizza as well.

The good news is that Kilgore reopened Hometown Pizza Monday, though he isn’t quite sure of what his hours will be. “Call,” said Kilgore, noting that he didn’t want to post hours then have people get angry if he had to change them.

Kilgore closed the take-out restaurant because he thought that it would be a good time to remodel. His son, Austin, and Nick Wells did a lot of work to the restaurant, replacing flooring and updating fixtures. “It seemed like the right time,” said Brian.

Residents will be glad to know that while the building has been updated, the food is still the same.

“We didn’t change anything,” said Kilgore, who employs around 10 people.

To order a pizza, or sandwich, give Hometown a call at (517) 592-3266. Hometown Pizza is located at 195 S. Main Street in Brooklyn (in the Swiss Swirl building).

Help Wanted in Brooklyn

Exponent/ looking for designer

The Exponent/ is looking for a graphic designer to join our team and help us tell the story of Brooklyn and the Irish Hills. We are seeking an individual with an ability not only to create advertisements, but to design pages, post stories online, and help our customers accomplish their online and print goals.

Candidates must have experience with either Quark Express or InDesign and Photoshop. We will cross train the right individual.

We are hoping to find someone who is also experienced with a variety of social media.

Interested individuals can contact Matt Schepeler at 517 592-2122 or send a resume to

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