Honoring our veterans, active-duty servicemen or women this Christmas


Take the time and say thank you to our veterans, servicemen and women who have died in battle 

or are on active duty this Christmas, by honoring them with a card, to be displayed at Brooklyn’s Wilber Bartlett Post. 

Maggie Ruede and members of the Wilber-Bartlett Post #315 are hoping that residents will take a little time, and creative energy, to show a little love to veterans as well as active-duty servicemen and women.

“What we are asking people to do is to pick up a card (at the Wilber-Bartlett post or the Exponent) and make it personal for their loved one . . . someone who is active duty, someone who died in battle. Place a picture of your veteran in their uniform on the card, if possible,” said Ruede.

“You can maybe ‘Christmas it up,’ but that is not necessary. We would like them to put a little information on the back of the card sharing some of their service details,” she added.

The cards will be hung in the Wilber-Bartlett Post #315 at 211 Chicago St. in Brooklyn this holiday season. (more below)

“The veterans don’t have to be local, and everybody from all branches of the service are welcome,” said Ruede.

Residents who want to participate can pick up a free card at the legion or the Exponent, 160 S. Main St., Brooklyn. The completed cards need to be turned in the Saturday before Thanksgiving (November 22).

“It is a great way of saying “Thank you” and letting them know that they are important in our lives,” said Reude.

She noted that they will be making wreaths for those who died in action and servicemen who are MIA (missing in action).

“One family took 10 cards and will be honoring their whole family going back to the Revolutionary War,” noted Ruede.

“We urge people in the community to participate and say ‘Thanks.’ It is important in our community that we take up projects, things that we think are important, and veterans and active-duty service members are important.”

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