Honoring veterans still essential for Napoleon man


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During this pandemic, there is a moratorium on military honors being given for the passing of a veteran, but that doesn’t mean that no honor is being given at all.

In fact, one local man deems it essential.

Bugler Mark Heath of Napoleon, shown in the photo above, has taken it upon himself to scan the local obituaries for veterans who have passed. The day after their burial, Mark travels to the cemetery and sounds Taps over the veteran’s grave as a salute to them and their service to country.

“I call it ‘Essential Taps’,” says Heath, an Air Force veteran, Civil War reenactor and patriot.

This is not a replacement for military honors, Heath notes, but is his way of recognizing them for their life and service.

In the video below, Heath is shown playing at the Napoleon Cemetery WW I Monument using a WW I trench bugle . . .  which is not an easy one to play.

For anyone outside who happens to hear the haunting melody of Taps drifting from a nearby gravesite, pause a minute to appreciate those who have walked before you in service to you and your country.

We agree with Mark.

It is still an essential.

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  1. Gary A. Blohm

    April 13, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Very nice that you do this. Thank you !!

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