In line at Brooklyn Ace, we got the Brown Bag Blues


Evening Snapshot waits in line

Above: Customers wait in line in front of Ace Hardware in Brooklyn Saturday, April 11.

In front is Jerry Jarzynka, who also serves as Jackson County District Attorney, though we didn’t initially recognize him in his street clothes. “I had to go to the store to pick up some items to fix a garbage disposal,” he noted.

The line was formed as store officials were not allowing more than five shoppers in at a time. This is a strange time in which we live.

Incidentally, Jarzynka added that suspected criminals are still being prosecuted in Jackson County during the COVID-19 scare. “It helps that our office is paperless,” he said, adding that they are also improving video systems in the courts, which smoothes out the process.

This just goes to show that you never know who you might meet while waiting in line.

Anti-body rich plasma given

We thought you might like the above photo of University of Michigan student Grace Biermacher donating blood plasma. Why? Biermacher is a recovered COVID-19 patient who diagnosed with the virus and is now declared virus free. Her antibody-rich plasma will be able to be transfused to up to three COVID-19 seriously ill patients being treated at Michigan hospitals to aid in their recovery. (Versiti Blood Centers photo)

We need art

We want to use The Evening Snapshot to highlight area artists on Saturdays. Most residents will recognize the hubcap peace sign pictured above that hangs on the wall of IDK in Brooklyn – a great store, by the way, that everyone should check out when things return to normal and businesses reopen. They turn the ordinary into functional art.

Above: Any turkey can see that Deb Sautter is an artist with her camera. She captured this hen mid-trot while it was strolling down the road.

It is easy to take our artists, and their work, for granted. We have heard much recently about the value of grocery workers, health care professionals and others that we have traditionally not appreciated, but let’s not forget our artists. They are the ones who infuse our worlds with expressions of beauty in music, paint, photographs and other mediums that make us think, entertain us, and enrich our lives. And, most of them do it just because they love to do it. The phrase “starving artist” will likely never go away.

But we need them. As humans, beauty is as essential to us as water and air…

Above: You looking at me? Like Deb Sautter, Lynn Okenka, who snapped this photo, is an artist with her camera. She regularly sends us extraordinary images of nature. Her specialty is birds, but we love this photo of a frog that she recently shared.

We want to highlight artists of every stripe, and are looking for suggestions from you. Send your ideas to if you know of an artist who should be highlighted.


A little music for Saturday night

Jackson musician Billy Joe Hunt gives a fun little jam on video called Brown Bag Blues. We liked it, and hope you do too.

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The joy of the Lord is your strength Neh. 8:10




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