Love of the outdoors shines through


Clinton man shifts lens focus from sons sports to nature. Bryan and his wife, Kerri love to hit the dirt roads in search of wildlife to photograph.

Bryan Trammel, pictured left, of Clinton has been photographing wildlife for the past 10-15 years. “I started just shooting sports pictures of my son, and it kind of grew from there.” He enjoys hopping in his pickup truck with his wife, Kerri, and “driving around to see what we can find.”

“Every time I go out it is something different,” he said, noting that the hobby was a perfect activity during COVID when he and Kerri would “load up in the truck and hit the back roads.”

Bryan has taken professional-quality photos of deer, fox, swans, and more.



Bryan is a machinist/programmer for Midtech in Ann Arbor, but would love to find a way to make a living with his camera.

To see more of Bryan’s work, visit his Facebook page at Bryan Trammel. He will frame and matte his work, and is available for hire should you want specific photos, though he does not do weddings.

(more photos below)

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