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Mason Burkeen leading on and off the golf course


Mason Burkeen, above, is Knutson’s Student Athlete of the Week.

“Mason is an incredibly athletic kid and is great to have in class. I am excited to see how his athleticism translates into golf.”

Onsted PE Teacher Andrew Clute

By Eli McKown
Sports Writer

As one of the most anticipated golf tournaments in the world approaches in the Masters, Onsted Senior Mason Burkeen is just beginning his golf season. Burkeen has been a part of Onsted’s cross country, basketball, and track team as well, but has decided to focus on golf this year.

Outside of athletics, Mason is a gifted student, and is a part of Onsted’s National Honors Society chapter, the Onsted Academic Club, as well as being involved in student council.

Onsted PE Teacher Andrew Clute is amazed at Burkeen’s versatility.

“Mason is an incredibly athletic kid and is great to have in class. I am excited to see how his athleticism translates into golf.”

When in the gym, onlookers can often see Burkeen practicing dunks like he is in the all-star dunk contest, according to Clute. Coming into his senior year, Mason is excited to get his senior year of golf underway and why wouldn’t he be? In his first year, the team won the league title. That’s a great way to start!

But for Burkeen, he believes he brings a lot more than just his skills to the course. “I think I bring a good leadership presence, even though this is only my second-year golfing. I give a lot of tips or pointers to my younger teammates.”

For high school students, playing golf can be demanding, as the student athletes miss many days of school for tournaments. But Burkeen says he enjoys it, and golf actually creates a calming atmosphere for him.

“Golf requires a clear mind and lots of focus, and to achieve that I listen to Bob Marley. It really allows me to focus on what I need to do.”

Last season the Onsted boys had a few seniors who led the team, and one of Mason’s individual goals is to step up and do what they did for him.

“We lost a lot of talented seniors last year, so we’re trying to figure out where everybody stands right now. I want to step up for our team and become a leader like they were to me last season.”

Although he is new to golf, Mason admires a few different golfers, but specifically tries to mirror two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson.

“I love Bubba Watson he is just a really great guy and is fun to watch.”

In less than two months, Mason will be graduating and moving onto college. Burkeen plans to attend Grand Valley State University to study business. Throughout his high school athletic career, he has been a jack-of-all-trades, trying many different sports and he has thrived in all of them. Golf is no exception. With the Masters fast approaching, the Onsted Senior hopes to mirror the success of those professional golfers and have a phenomenal season.

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