Max Marienfeld named Student-Athlete of the Week


By Eli McKown
Sports Writer

Intensity in a sport like wrestling is not just important, it is absolutely necessary, and Napoleon Senior Max Marienfeld brings plenty of intensity to the wrestling mat. The senior also participates in football and track. Marienfeld prides himself on bringing energy each and every day for the Napoleon Pirates, no matter what sport he plays. This energy translates into what Max believes is his key to being so successful in his matches.

“I bring a violent, fast, and out-of-control energy that creates unorthodox moves that many people are not expecting.” says Max.

The senior Pirate brings a mindset into each match that shows he is not there just to be good, he wants to be great. Max spoke on what kind of mindset he gets into prior to each matchup.

“You have just got to think that the guy across from you wants to break your nose and is threatening your life . . . then, fight for it.”

Assistant Coach Zach Kanaan furthered Max’s claim of high energy.

“You have just got to think that the guy across from you wants to break your nose and is threatening your life . . . then, fight for it.”

“Max is a kid who puts in a ton of work when nobody is watching. He is fearless and will always go above and beyond.”

Coach Carl Bunker of the Pirates also believes the energy Max brings to the mat is one of his best qualities. Along with being his coach, Bunker is Max’s AP calculus teacher and gets to work with Marienfeld throughout each day in multiple facets. Coach Bunker sees much more from his wrestler than just his intensity. He believes the senior is one of the hardest workers on the team and leads by example for his underclassmen. Even though Max thrives for the Pirates now, it was not always this way. It took a lot of hard work to get where he is now. The Pirates head coach spoke on how he got to this level today.

“Max is a kid that has worked his butt off, he struggled when he first joined. Now as a senior though, he really helps this team.”

One of the biggest reasons Marienfeld is so successful is because of his father.

“He was always headstrong, and would go right into the fight, and never back down from a challenge.”

The Pirates are enjoying a great season so far, and it is because of senior leadership from athletes like Max. The team has high aspirations as they are trying to qualify for the team state meet, which is quickly approaching. This would be a first since the early 2000’s for the Pirates. Max believes this team can take down anyone they face.

“Records do not mean anything in this sport, anyone can be beat.”

The senior Pirate thrives in the classroom with a 3.4 grade point average and plans on attending Western Michigan University in the fall to become a pilot. As this wrestling season comes to close, Max’s energy only builds as the Pirates hope they can ride his wave of intensity all the way to team states in just a few short weeks.


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