Midwest Open Ice Fishing tournament canceled


By Jeff Steers

Saying there is not enough ice to host a safe tournament, the 2019 Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament schedule for Sunday, Feb. 10 has been canceled.

The tournament consists of 150 two-man teams competing for the top prize of $20,300.

“Who would have thought with the cold weather we had last week that we would   be   canceling   the   event   this   week,”   tournament   organizer  Tom Knutson said Tuesday. “With 53 degrees and rain projected for Thursday, there is no way we are going to gain anything by tournament time.”

The 2019 tournament was scheduled for Jan. 27 but moved to Feb. 10 due to ice conditions.

The 2020 Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 2 at Wamplers Lake.

“Please be safe out there on the ice no matter where the rest of the season takes you.”

Tom Knutson

“We are very sorry about this situation, it is out of our hands and makes us just as upset as the contestants,” Knutson said. “Please be safe out there on the ice no matter where the rest of the season takes you.”

Knutson said there were 18 teams who dropped from the tournament when it was moved, but they will be allowed back in the 2020 tournament possibly making the field 168 teams.

“Those 18 teams have until Feb. 15, at 5 p.m. to make the $200 entry fee if they want to re-enter,” Knutson said.

Knutson said there will be an extra $5,000 added to the purse in 2020. If the 18 teams get back into the tournament the purse could increase by $8,600.

Organizers said the winners of the 2020 tournament will still be paid $20,300, but the additional money will be dispersed throughout the payout spots.

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