The Evening Snapshop, Friday, March 27


Above: Allie Boone serves customers at Napoleon Café. Note the chef in the background informing residents to wait in their car.

You’ve got to give Steve Rose of Napoleon Café credit for thinking outside the box during the coronavirus crisis.

When Rose heard that restaurants were being closed to walk-in dining, he went out and purchased some window trays, so customers could stop and eat in their vehicle, car-hop style.

“When we had a nice day earlier in the week, we tripled our business because of it,” said Rose of customers eating in their car.

But the shut down is taking it’s toll. Traditional restaurants have been struggling to switch over to takeout. Rose said his business is down around 60 percent, which is what we have heard from other restaurant owners as well. If you have a favorite restaurant that you normally utilize, give them a call to see if they are offering takeout. Then, give a nice tip if you are able.

Everyone could use a little boost right now. 

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