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Turning wood into art


Pictured above, Local artist and friendly woodworker, Randy Smith turns chunks of wood into beautiful bowls, charcuterie boards and more.

Photos, story by Matt Schepeler

Randy Smith has a pretty sweet setup.

Randy’s Wood Shop, located in a heated garage attached to his Blue Ridge Road home, is crammed full of woodworking tools, from a band saw and lathe to a scroll saw and table saw.

Smith uses the tools to make everything from bowls to chairs to knick-knacks and wooden flags that people purchase for gifts. He even does an occasional custom order.

A variety of Smiths work

So what is his specialty?

“Right now it is cutting boards,” said Smith, who showed off some of his finished products. “I have a lot of different cutting boards and charcuterie boards . . . there big ones, not-so-big ones, walnut, a football-shaped one . . .”

He even has a charcuterie board in the shape of a whale.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift, Randy might have just the thing!

Smith is living many a retiree’s dream. His cozy shop offers a place to escape, and to be productive while doing it.

Smith worked a variety of jobs during his career, including a stint at Mac Steel (“Second shifts did me in,” he noted), and eventually retired from Allegiance Hospital, where he worked in a maintenance position. “I worked as a boiler operator,” he said.

Randy Smith gives a tour of his woodshop.

Now he spends a lot of time turning chunks of wood into beautiful bowls, vases, crosses and other items that have been popular with customers.

Smith’s shop is crammed full of tools, sawdust, and odds and ends, including partially-finished pieces that he is working his way around to completing.

For anyone looking for a unique Christmas present, he might have just the thing.

Smith holds the carved bird he created.

“My motto is if the lights are on, stop in and say ‘Hi’ and see what I am doing,” said Smith, who is easy to talk to and has plenty of stories regarding the wood items he is crafting. He lives with his wife, Cheryle, at 7810 Blue Ridge Road (off of U.S. 127 in Napoleon Township).

Items can be seen on Facebook at Randy’s Woodshop. Smith can also be reached at (517) 945-3152 to set up an appointment.

Smith shows his snowman, a work in progress.


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